Why Everyone Is Obsessed With Our Website Tutorials

April 27, 2022
by: SMK
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Have you ever bought something from a shop or an online store, taken it home, and then become acutely aware that you have absolutely no idea how to operate it? You may even have taken the time to grab the instruction booklet back out of the bin (how did that get there?) and then had a brainwave to read it to see if it helps to enlighten you. 

When it comes to your website, we never want to leave anyone in this position - not even knowing how to make basic changes to their own site! This is why, right when we had it over to you, we ensure you have access and the knowledge to be able to update the site yourself. This means we leave you equipped to make any minor tweaks you may have in the future.

To do this, once you have signed off your website and it is live, we then make custom videos for you demonstrating how to update text or imagery, write blogs, add products, generate promotional codes… whatever it may be! The feedback we have received around these videos has been amazing:

"I found SMK's tutorial videos to be of great benefit whilst I was learning how to manage our new website! I love that they are specifically made just for us (Altima Clinics) and how, in all the videos, they are talking directly to me. It's like I've got SMK right beside me when I'm sitting at my computer, adding new treatments or classes to the website.

There are times when I've forgotten how to do something and it's so handy being able to just go back and look at the particular video again before I make any changes!

Emma and Stephen have been very supportive throughout the whole go-live process. I've since had other changes to make on the site that I didn't know how to action. It was just a case of asking them 'how do I do this?' and they were more than happy to create another video showing me how to carry out my request."

James Hanna, Commercial Director at Altima Clinics

This is not a generic video done on someone else’s website that you have to try and apply to your own. It is a video created specifically for you, based on your requirements and tailored to your site. You can rewatch it over and over while you get to understand how your website works and learn how to make these minor edits. As your site and requirements change, we are always happy to create new videos showing you how to make any other basic, necessary updates.

We do this to make sure you feel confident to make website changes, equipped with your new arsenal of video tutorials. You’ll be left wondering if you missed out on a career in Web Development!

Of course, when something more challenging is required or you just want to leave it to the experts, our support packages are there to ensure you get the help you need, when you need it.  

Finally, if for some reason you make a little error or delete something accidentally, all our websites are backed up every 4 hours. So if something does go wrong, let our support team know and they can roll the website back to a previous fully functional version.

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