What Happens If My Website Gets Hacked?

March 9, 2022
by: SMK

We all like to believe it will never happen to us but, on average, approximately 30,000 websites are hacked every day! Cyber security has never been more important (read our blog on how to keep your site secure). We are big believers in preventing this from happening and have sophisticated solutions in place to help with this.

We also carry out regular maintenance and updates on your site to ensure your plugins and security are up to date as well as reduce any potential vulnerabilities that might offer exposure.

When we think of a website being hacked we often think of it being taken down with a ransom to be paid in order to release it. The reality is that there are many types of hacking including techniques like phishing, Denial of Service, Keylogger injection.

The list of hacking techniques is almost endless and often the more subtle techniques can fly under the radar and therefore have the tendency to cause more damage as website owners are unaware that what they are doing (or their visitors are doing) is being watched.

The good news is that SMK includes countermeasures, security protocols, and interventions in all our packages which helps to keep your website as safe as possible.

So, what actually happens when your site is hacked?

So, what happens if somehow your website does get hacked? We are super secure, so it very rarely happens, but in the off-chance that it does, here is a quick look at what we do to ensure your website is back up and running with minimal interruption and hassle.


Each of our websites is backed-up every 4 hours. This means that we can isolate any malicious files or software, remove them and then roll your website back to a secure and accurate version with minimal interruption.


All of our websites are regularly scanned for new and known viruses, and malicious files, to ensure that the site is incredibly secure and that each file uploaded will cause no damage.


Our hosting company notify us of any suspicious activity on your site that they believe might be hostile. This allows us to take action before any damage is done to your site or your data, usually before you even notice it.


Once we have removed any malicious files, we will carry out a full audit of the site before putting it live to make sure it is accurate and secure.

For e-commerce sites, we use a slightly different process so as not to lose data around any orders that have been placed, and to ensure stock levels are accurate.

How often does this happen?

While 30,000 websites being hacked daily can be a fairly intimidating statistic, it’s worth noting that there are approximately 1.92 billion websites online. Not to mention, given the combination of countermeasures that we implore, our strong track record and our contingency plans outlined above give us full confidence in the security of all our websites.

As much as we would love to promise you that your website will never be hacked, we can’t, but if the correct security measures are implemented, the chance of this is greatly reduced.

What we can promise is that, as your website partner, we take every precaution to reduce the chances of this happening and that, if it does happen, we will act swiftly to reduce any downtime or loss of data and rapidly restore your website to full functionality.

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