What can Google Ads do for me?

March 15, 2023
by: Damien Fegan
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So your new website looks ‘the bee’s knees’, you’ve even got some new followers on your social media accounts and they’re engaging with your content, but now it’s time to take things to the next level. No point in building a beautiful website that converts if you aren’t getting the right people to it!

With Google being the biggest search engine in the world, you’d be crazy to not consider whether Google Ads could work for your business. 

So we have asked leading Google Ads expert Damien Fegan from Beacon to answer some key questions around Google Ads and how to get the most from them.

What are Google Ads?

They are a powerful tool that can help you promote your business, sell your products/services, raise awareness and/or increase traffic to your website. 

Within Google Ads there are several strands;

  • Ads on Youtube 
  • Display ads with images, 
  • Shopping ads for E-commerce
  • Search ads (our main focus for now)

Why should I use Google Ads?

Google Ads give you 3 very unique and powerful tools - intent, control, and measurement:

  1. Intent gives you the power to put your product/service in front of people who are actually searching for it. EG, a mortgage adviser appearing in front of  people actively searching for first time mortgages
  2. Control of what you spend for every click that brings a potential customer to your site.
  3. Measurability is the key to successful marketing because data is king! To be able to measure what works and put that information to best use is one of the strongest weapons in your arsenal.

Set up correctly, your ads can be constantly tweaked and improved, allowing you to consistently refine the effectiveness of all of your campaigns.

So how does Google Ads work with Google Analytics?

When you combine Google Ads with your analytics, you start to get down to the nitty gritty of measuring the important data. 

Your focus shifts from the broad spectrum of website visitors and hones in on how many of those reached out to contact you. 

Digging deeper still, you can then trace these contacts right back to their very source.

Armed with this information, along with the knowledge of the ‘lifetime value of your customers’, you’ve got yourself one helluva powerful marketing machine.

And so the Big Question… Do Google Ads work for everyone? 

Sadly, no. 

If your keywords are super specific or too competitive, you will struggle to achieve results, and this is where you bring in the big guns, the Google Ads expert.

Go to your specialist, armed with your lifetime customer value data and a ball-park figure of how much you are prepared to pay to acquire a new one. 

The question you’re asking is:

“Is it possible to build campaigns that can deliver customers to me based on the information I’ve given you?”

One way or another, by the end of your interaction with them, you’ll know if Google Ads campaigns can and will work for you!

If you are interested in getting the answer to the Big Question question for your business, get in touch and we’d only be too happy to make an introduction to Damien and he will give you honest, impartial advice on whether Google Ads could work for your business! 

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