Our Recommended Website Design Agencies in Northern Ireland

October 30, 2023
by: SMK
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A good website is important for any business that wants to do well online. It helps them stand out, talk to customers, and grow their business.

If you live in Northern Ireland and want a good website, you're in a good place!

In this article, we'll talk about our my recommended website design companies in Northern Ireland. These companies put in a lot of effort and ensure their clients are really happy with what they make.

What sets them apart is their strong affiliation with SMK Creations. As the owner of SMK Creations, I must disclose that my opinion might be slightly biased due to this connection!

However, rest assured that my recommendations are based on their expertise, professionalism, and track record in the industry.


Paudie and I happened to attend the same university. Interestingly, our professional lives intertwined when he secured a position at a company that I eventually joined as well. We've shared a few enjoyable coffee sessions and have walked similar paths in our professional journeys. It's quite fascinating that we both took the leap and started our own agencies around the same time. 

Now, Paudie is the founder and managing director of Wibble Web Design, a studio in Belfast that focuses on web design, web development, and WordPress management. They are really good at making top-notch WordPress websites and provide services for design, building, and support. Wibble is a trusted web design studio in Northern Ireland, and they are committed to creating professional and creative solutions that make clients' online presence shine.


Eyekiller is a hybrid digital agency that consistently delivers amazing work. They specialise in helping some of the biggest businesses in Northern Ireland succeed in the digital world by providing customised solutions. 

Eyekiller, although they may not remember me, played a significant role in my early career. 15 years ago, right when I was starting out on my own before SMK Creations, they offered me a job opportunity. However, at exactly the same time, I got my first freelance job. So I had to choose between the amazing job offer from what I considered the best web agency in Northern Ireland and the small freelance gig. I chose to go freelance, and the rest is history!

Kyber Digital

Kyber Digital is an established digital agency known for their expertise in complex technical strategies. I've had the opportunity to work for them in the past, and I have fond memories working with Gary Topping and his team.

Kyber Digital provides tailored solutions to enhance your brand, increase sales, automate processes, and provide real-time business intelligence. Their services include websites, e-commerce, subscription systems, and digital marketing. 

Scaffold Digital

Scaffold Digital, under the leadership of Tim, is truly an exceptional company. Tim himself is not only a really good guy, but also a self-taught genius who has grown a remarkable company.

Scaffold Digital specialise in developing bespoke software, crafting innovative mobile applications, and designing captivating websites. Their primary objective is to streamline business processes and enhance customer engagement. To ensure a seamless experience, Scaffold Digital provides comprehensive support, reliable cloud hosting, and delivers outstanding user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) services.

Icon Creative

Icon-Creative are an absolutely fantastic team, run by Lisa and Gareth, who are brother and sister and the main driving force behind the company's amazing work. 

The team at Icon-Creative consists of experienced professionals offering a variety of services such as Graphic Design, Web Design, Branding, and 3D Modelling. They take a friendly and personal approach to their work. 

Icon Creative is right below our offices in Lisburn, so if you visit them, come see us afterwards for some nice coffee!

ZCM Digital

ZCM Digital, owned by Zoe, is a Belfast-based freelance web designer. Drawing from my personal experience working with Zoe, I can vouch for her unwavering commitment to delivering affordable web design solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of small businesses. Specialising in customised websites, ZCM Digital helps clients achieve their goals without straining their budget.

Zoe offers various services, including website design, revamping existing websites, website maintenance, and support. Zoe's expertise extends to providing training and consultation specifically for WordPress websites, empowering clients to take charge of their online presence.

SMK Creations

And of course…….SMK Creations.

Our dedication to generating leads and helping businesses thrive is at the core of everything we do. We take the time to understand your unique business goals and target audience, ensuring that our web design solutions align perfectly with your marketing objectives. By seamlessly integrating compelling design, persuasive copy, and effective marketing strategies, we create websites that drive measurable results.

SMK Cares for Your Success — Our Top Priority!

We know everyone says that we care, but we really do care!

We are a small business. When our clients succeed, we succeed too. 

It is our best and real interest in making sure our clients do well!

If our clients' websites aren't doing well, we don't just ignore it.

We look for ways to improve their websites and use special tools like video tracking and heat map tracking to learn why websites aren't working properly. 

Most importantly, we find ways how to make them work even better!

And not only that! 

We have an international team. This means we can create extremely high-quality websites at a more affordable price. That's our special business model – we can compete with the big guys but still offer more affordable websites.

So, Why Choose SMK Creations?

Finding a web design company that perfectly matches your needs is crucial.

Building a website and establishing a relationship can ensure that your website performs well in the future. This connection is important because we should share the same goals and vision. 

Also, it's not just the client choosing us, but we also evaluate if we can work well together. This mutual understanding is key.

When searching for a web design company, find one that you can connect with. This means finding a company that aligns with your goals, budget, and overall personality.   What's important is finding a web design company that suits your unique needs and requirements.

Although I am confident in our abilities, if you feel that SMK Creations is not the perfect choice for you, I encourage you to explore the other excellent companies mentioned earlier.

Each of those companies has impressed me with their outstanding work and dedication to their clients.

What matters most to me is your success and satisfaction. Whether you choose SMK Creations or one of the other stellar options, I want to see you thrive in the online world. 

Take your time, consider your options and select your team. You'll be in good hands either way.

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