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June 15, 2022
by: SMK
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Did you know the average site visitor decides within 3 seconds whether or not they are going to stay on your page? This means it’s important that your site looks amazing. Otherwise, they’re off somewhere else and probably to a competitor. 

However, there’s no point in having a beautiful website if it produces little or no results for your business. Equally, there is no point in having a beautiful website that converts all visitors into leads if there is no traffic. 

For success, you require the trinity: 

The Right Traffic | A Beautiful Website | Built to Convert Leads

The Right Traffic | A Beautiful Website | Built to Convert Leads
The Lead-Gen Web Design Trinity!

The Right Traffic

Not all traffic is created equally! The traffic you want to come to your website is from those that are interested in your product or service and that are potential customers. They may only be at the beginning of the customer journey or a little further down the road but you want relevant traffic. For some, this may also have a geographical element to it.

There are 5 main sources of traffic:

1. Organic search (Google etc)

2. Paid Search (Google PPC)

3. Direct Links (email, referring links etc)

4. Organic Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc)

5. Paid Social (Paid Social Advertising)

The Right Traffic

Conducting an audit of the source of your traffic and their destinations will help you to understand where the opportunities are and what they may be looking for. Each of these sources has its own strengths and we would recommend not putting all your eggs into one basket.

A Beautiful Website

Having a great looking website is key to ensuring visitors are engaged, interested and keen to explore further. But beauty is only skin deep and if all the website offers is something nice to look at, then we are a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

A Beautiful Website

Built to Convert Leads

Each website will have a different goal, but knowing that goal and how to measure success is essential. When you look at your website, determine what the ideal action you want a visitor to take would be. This might vary for different pages or different traffic sources.  

Consider the customer journey - what questions might they have you could answer, what information is needed for them to take action, what objections might they have that you can address. Once you have dealt with each of these, create a corresponding Call To Action (CTA). This might be a button for making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, doing a quiz or completing a simple form. 

Built to Convert Leads

Make this a simple and smooth process - if completing a form, ask for a name, phone number and email address (and any other fields that you believe to be absolutely necessary). There’s no reason for you to know their pet's name, favourite colour, or what they had for dinner last night. Make sure your forms are mobile-friendly so they are easily completed on any platform.

TRACK AND TRACE( and test!)

Did that send shivers up your spine? Yes, me too. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about COVID. We’re talking about tracking everything that your potential customers do on your site and using the information to optimise the elements of your pages to improve lead generation. 

We can also use software to produce heat maps of what people do on specific pages of your website. The more data we have available the more informed we are and the quicker we can adapt.  

TRACK AND TRACE( and test!)

Turn Leads into Customers

If you do all of the above steps correctly, you will start to see an increase in leads converting on your website. Don’t forget, each lead is at a different stage of the customer journey and often requires individualised attention to turn them from a lead into a customer. 

Turn Leads into Customers

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