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January 19, 2022
by: SMK
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Ever found yourself with tonnes of sticky labels all over your desk and computer and around your workstation? No, us neither!

sticky labels around your workstation?

With more than 100 websites, many requiring regular changes, updates and adjustments, it is important for us to always stay on top of your requests and to help us do this we use a ticketing system to ensure we don’t miss anything.

We are big believers in empowering and equipping our clients with the knowledge on how to make simple changes to their websites but we know that often, the expertise required might be outside the skillset of the client, in which case the SMK team are at hand to save the day.

We want to make sure that when you have a change you need us to make, you know how to access this support and it gets actioned and tracked.

How does it work?

If you need something changed or added to your site and you require one of our developers to make the change, all you need to do is send us a simple email detailing your requirements to support@smkcreations.com. We will then take your request, and depending on the support package you are on, we will assign the task to the correct team member and allocate a time for it to be carried out by the corresponding expert. 

If there is any additional information we require, we will contact you for this and will update you when the work is complete. If we are working on a larger project and you want to find out at what stage we are at, we track the progress of each project and therefore we can offer real time updates on how the project is taking shape upon request.

It also allows our designers and developers to work collaboratively on projects and ensures everyone is pulling together to give you the best experience as a client and as always, we’ll keep you in the loop when it is complete.

Do I need to be on a support package for this?

Do I need to be on a support package for this?

Yes, for us to make changes to your website, you can avail of one of our support packages, each offering 4 hours of support (design or development) with varying speeds of delivery depending on how urgent you require the work. 

We find that our bronze package is our most popular and usually meets the needs for most clients.

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