ENSO: Recruiters With Personality

November 24, 2021
by: SMK
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It’s always important to have a good website, and we’re not just saying that because we’re web designers - promise. However, for recruitment companies, having a good website is crucial as they juggle the complexity of having two masters - candidates and clients. 

Job ads in the newspapers are fast becoming a thing of the past (they might actually not exist - no one has checked) as online job boards and recruitment companies take over, and in such a competitive industry, recruitment companies shouldn’t overlook the benefits of a good website. 

We worked with ENSO Recruitment to build a website that makes them stand out and shows clearly who they are and their personality but also is a website that converts and adds value to those who visit it. 

Did you know the average site visitor decides within 3 seconds whether or not they are going to stay on your page? Your homepage is what makes people decide whether it is worth continuing to scroll any further or click on any links and with ENSO, they wanted to stand out. 

ENSO: Recruiters With Personality

As a recruitment company, you want to use your homepage to communicate through both words and pictures a bit about who you are and which industry you specialise in. 

Also, you want your users to be able to find what they are looking for easily, and with ENSO we have a great big bold headline with a video background and a clear call to action - Search for your job! Bright, attractive and fast - this website provides an engaging and clear introduction to ENSO. They don’t look like every other recruiter, that’s because… they aren’t!

So what next?

As much as we want the homepage to be great, the rest of the website has to match up too. To achieve this, they don’t have 10 different menu options each with 4 different dropdowns - the menu structure is simple and clear, helping the visitor find what they want.

Job Board

Every recruiter has a job board, and theirs offers multiple options to filter and sort jobs to enable you to find your next dream job! Having an easy-to-manage integration that provides visitors with a great UX continues to communicate the efficiency, simplicity and excellence that ENSO are all about and we love working with Firefish on this job integration software.

Social Proof

Throughout the website, ENSO regularly drops in little testimonials so that people can see how they’ve helped others in the past and reinforce, for both candidates and clients alike, the quality service they offer.

About Us/Meet The Team

A 'Meet The Team' section adds a personal touch and goes a long way to instil trust. People want to know who they are meeting with and who it is they are going to be trusting with their job search. This is also a good place to showcase people’s personalities a bit more. As you can see, ENSO recruitment decided to have a little bit of fun with this one. Personally, we’re big fans of dodgy shirts. 

And the best name for a blog goes to…

You want an area on your website where you can flex a little about what it is that you do, and talk about the industry you’re in, or other important topics. Enso’s blog ‘Wind your Tech In’ provides a bit of "Norn Irish" humour and sees them work with people both in their industry, and in other industries, to provide tips on how to be healthy when working 9-5, what NOT to say in an interview and desk yoga- yes, you read that right. 

...and finally

There may never have been a more competitive job market than today and the expectation upon recruiters has never been higher. Having a website that conveys who you are and why you do what you do is an essential piece of kit in every recruitment company’s arsenal when it comes to helping people find the right jobs faster.

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