Common Issues You Might Face with Your WordPress Website

November 23, 2023
by: SMK
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Any company or person wishing to build an online presence must have a website. 

WordPress has become a popular choice for building websites due to its user-friendly interface and extensive customisation options. 

However, like any technology, WordPress websites can encounter problems that might frustrate users. 

In this blog post, we'll break down the common issues that you might face with your WordPress websites, and how SMK Creations can help you overcome them.

Why Quality Web Design Matters

Before diving into the common issues you might face with your WordPress website, let's emphasise why quality web design is crucial. 

Your website is often the first interaction potential customers have with your brand. It's a window into your business, showing how serious and committed you are. 

A well-designed website not only creates a positive first impression but also helps you do better when you promote your stuff on the internet.

Now, we’ll discuss some common issues you might face with your WordPress website, along with solutions:

Slow Loading Times

When websites take a long time to load, people get upset, and it also makes the website less likely to show up in search results.

Websites can load slowly for different reasons, like having big pictures, not-so-efficient code, or too many add-ons. 

To fix this, make your pictures smaller by squishing them down while keeping them clear. Use something called a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to spread your website's stuff across many computers in different places. 

Also, put in tools like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache to save copies of your site that don't change often. This takes the pressure off the main computer and makes your site load faster.

Security Concerns

WordPress websites can easily get attacked by hackers and bad software.

Sometimes, the stuff you add to your WordPress site, like how it looks and what it can do, might not work well together. This can make your site weak against bad things. 

To stay out of harm's way, pick items that are well-crafted and regularly updated by their creators.

Before you add new things, see what other people say about them and if they work well with what you're using now.

Compatibility Problems

The things you add to your website can run into trouble if they're not compatible because they're outdated or don't match. 

To stop this from happening, select designs and extras that the people who create them update regularly. 

And before you add new things, have a look at what other users think and make sure they work with the version of WordPress you have.

Mobile Responsiveness

Lots of people use small devices like phones to look at websites. It's important that your website works well on these tiny screens. 

Choose designs that can adjust to fit various screens, and test your website on different phones to make sure it functions well and appears nice on all of them.

Poor Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If your website isn't organised well for search engines, only a few people will discover it when they search online.

The best solution for this is to use a tool called Yoast and fix up your titles and words on the site.

Also, keep putting good stuff on your site that fits what people want.

Broken Links

When links on your website don't work, people get annoyed, and they might not trust your site as much.

Broken links can make people unhappy, and your website not show up well in search results. 

To fix this, use tools that check your links and make sure they work. Also, when you change or delete stuff, remember to fix the links that go with it.

Poor User Experience

If your website looks messy or complicated, people might leave.

To keep visitors, focus on making your website easy to use. Use a simple design that's not cluttered and has clear menus. Make sure your stuff is organised well and easy to read. Test how people use your site to find and fix any problems.

Website Backups

Making visitors happy when they use your website is really important.

Losing all your website's stuff is distressing. 

To avoid this, set up automatic copies of your website using tools like UpdraftPlus or the backup service from the company that hosts your website. 

Keep these copies in a safe place, and sometimes check if you can put your website back together from them.

Hosting Issues

Picking the wrong company to put your website on can make it slow and sometimes not work.

Where you put your website matters a lot. 

So, pick a good company that has a plan that fits what your website needs. Things like where their computers are, how much they give your website, and how much they help you can really change how fast your website is and if it's online all the time.

Content Management

Handling all the stuff on your website can get hard when it gets bigger.

As your website gets bigger, it's important to manage your stuff well. 

Use calendars to plan when you'll put new stuff up. Put your things into different groups and tags, so that folks can easily find what they're looking for. You could use a special tool called a content management system or CMS to assist with this.

How SMK Creations Can Help You?

At SMK Creations, we know how crucial a good website is. Our skilled team focuses on web design, making your WordPress site look great and work well. 

Whether you have problems or want a new site, we're here for you, turning website challenges into success stories. 

We fix slow websites, keep them safe from hackers, make them work well on phones, help them show up on Google, create easy-to-use designs, save important data, find good places to put websites, and keep everything organised as it grows.

Getting a pro website can make a big difference for your business. We make websites that help you get leads. We're not just a design company, we're here to help you grow.

SMK Creations — Your Solution for Website Success

Your WordPress website is important for your online presence. Fixing problems quickly is crucial to keep it working well. From slow loading to security worries, these challenges can be tough, but with the right skills, they can be solved.

No matter if you're in Lisburn, Belfast, or anywhere in the UK, if you want a quality website that brings in great customers, SMK Creations is here for you. 

Contact us today, and let's team up to make your online presence attract awesome requests, get leads, and make your business do well. 

With SMK Creations, we're all about making you successful.

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