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November 9, 2022
by: SMK
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There are few more important and special days in your life than your wedding day, and for many brides, nothing is thought about or dreamt about more than putting on your perfect wedding dress before walking down the aisle to your someone special.

So when wedding dress specialists, La Boda Bridal, asked us to design a website that would do justice to the importance of this special occasion - we were both excited and privileged to be part of the beginning of this journey. 

What Is Success?

There were 2 key goals we set out to achieve:

  1. Build a beautiful site that allowed brides to easily navigate and access information and images from the designers and styles they wanted to explore leading to booking an appointment.
  2. Build a website that had a full functioning ecommerce store, allowing them to sell sale items online (check out their amazing discounts) whilst being easy for their team to update with new products.

The Process

We spent some time with the La Boda Bridal team to dive deeper into any specific requirements, to find out what they liked and what they didn’t. This helped us gain a greater understanding of the style they wanted so we were on the same page. It also helped us to understand the customer journey so we could streamline this process.

The Design

The site was designed in the same way a wedding dress is designed - with a focus on beauty and simplicity whilst remaining functional.  We wanted to reduce the number of clicks a visitor must take in order to find her dream dress. 

Many brides when looking for their wedding dress come to a website with an idea of which designers they already love. With this in mind, the main menu was built to ensure that they could find those designers immediately, without having to look inside a submenu, as well as making it easy to explore other styles. 

Each of the dresses has its own page which offers some detail about the dress and designer as well as showing multiple images of the dress from different angles, allowing the bride to envisage what they might look like.

CASE STUDY- La Boda Bridal The Design

Call To Action

Once a bride has found the dress of their dreams (or at least has shortlisted it to a few dresses), the next stage in their journey is to book an appointment to try on their dress and see what it looks like on them. 

This can be done with the link on the main menu, the button on the hero image on the home page or on any of the dress pages. This brings them through to their appointment scheduling system where they can choose a day and time slot that suits them. They can also choose the type of appointment so if they are coming for a second look or to try on their dress once it has arrived, they can book this in without needing to phone up.

CASE STUDY- La Boda Bridal Call To Action


Offering an e-commerce section to the website was an additional feature. This enabled brides who knew what they wanted and didn’t require a fitting, to buy their dress online and take advantage of some great savings. 

To make sure this section was easily located, we put a link to this in both the main menu and as part of the main call to action in the homepage hero image. 

This enabled entirely contactless purchases and enabled brides to buy at a time that suited them without the need for staff involvement.

CASE STUDY- La Boda Bridal E-commerce


We asked La Boda what they think of their new site and experience of working with us.

“They’ve made our website so much better. Our sale dresses are now available to be bought (online)- that we didn’t have before. 

It is much easier to navigate. We can update it as and when we need to. It is a really easy website to use for our brides. 

They make it pretty much full proof to work your own website. We now have brides who always comment on how lovely our website is. We would 100% recommend SMK.”

If you are a wedding vendor and have a website that you feel doesn't represent you and isn’t getting you leads, we’d be happy to offer a free consultation and review of your current website. Email us today!

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