7 SEO tips for e-commerce websites

December 7, 2022
by: SMK
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Selling online may sound easy. For starters, they might think that after having a website, all that’s left to do is to upload their products and wait for sales to come. The internet is indeed a powerful platform, there are millions of people who search for products and services every day. But just as there are tons of people using the internet, there are about 12-24 million eCommerce sites out there too. 

Yes, the competition is that big! So how do some of them keep their sales high and perform very well among the others? How do they appear on top of the Google search results?

Here’s the secret…

Well-known eCommerce sites use the best SEO practices!

So what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, popularly known as SEO, is the process of improving your website to increase its visibility and stand out on Google searches among others. Unfortunately, not all sites use the best practices. 

But lucky for you, we will reveal here the top 7 SEO tips. We guarantee these will perform effectively because these are the exact practices we use! 

Find not only efficient but also effective keywords

SEO tips for e-commerce websites Find not only efficient but also effective keywords

Those words and phrases you type when you search are called keywords. To find out what keywords work in your niche, simply put yourself in your target audience’s shoes, and know what your shopper truly wants. 

After this, spread them all out on your website. They’re best to use on product pages - product names and descriptions to be specific. If you have a blog page, keywords will be useful too.

Optimize your product images by using alt text

You might think product images are just for visuals. But they do a good part on SEO as well. 

Did you ever wonder how search engines know what images to show when you search by typing in the words? Alt text. This is the search engine’s way to “see” your images. Alt text should be descriptive as if no one sees it. The reason is that it is used as screen readers for those vision-impaired. 

Be cautious of duplicate content

There’s no simpler way to explain this one. Who wants duplicates anyway? We want nothing but unique content. Besides, duplicate content confuses Google which it should rank.

Duplicate contents are usually found on product descriptions so you might want to check yours!

Clean up your website’s broken links

Clean up your website’s broken links

Broken links bring a negative impact to your customer experience. Chances are they will click on new and other pages, or worse, they will leave your website. Having a lot of broken links and 404 error pages can cause unfortunate consequences to your business.

Monitoring and checking broken links can be time-confusing, but there are free tools you can use to keep track of them.

Give your site visitors a great experience - improve your website’s usability

Give your site visitors a great experience - improve your website’s usability

People are likely to stay on a website that is easy to navigate. Thus, it increases the volume of sales and revenue. How? Purchasing products should be as simple as if a kid can do the purchase. Users are likely to leave websites that are too complex for them to navigate.

Have a mobile-friendly website

SEO tips for e-commerce websites Have a mobile-friendly website

Let’s talk a little statistics - according to DataReportal, 55.4% of internet users use their mobile phones to shop online. 

Can you now imagine the importance of having a mobile-friendly website? If your website looks awful on mobile phones, users might move along to your competitors. Yikes!

Optimize your website’s speed

Who hates slow-loading websites? We all do!

One of the great user experiences is a website that loads quickly - regardless of what type of device they are using. Your website’s speed strikingly impacts your site’s SEO. Thus, it improves user usability.

Better check your website’s speed now because you might not get another chance from your site visitors!

Mind you, every eCommerce website’s goal is to bring customer satisfaction. How your website performs in every way affects your conversion rate.

And now with these tips we provided, you can do it on your own and implement it on your website, or to save your time, you can simply send us a message or even book a call. 

Oh, and did we mention that we offer FREE Website Review? Let those leads come to you now!

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