5 Ways to Generate Leads for your Garden Rooms Website

July 14, 2022
by: SMK
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2020 - if ever there was a year worth forgetting. It’s probably best that we just don’t speak about it at all. However, there was one great thing that came out of 2020 - Garden Rooms

The Garden Room sector has experienced extreme growth in the last few years and you can understand why- who doesn’t want a quiet space out the back to escape from the kids for a few hours! Jokes aside, Garden Rooms have helped to create a flexible work-life balance for those that work remotely while for others it’s about the extra space or adding value to their home. 

With remote working set to stick around (either optionally or enforced), and the topic of wellbeing more prominent than ever, it seems the Garden Rooms sector is going to continue to be huge. So how can you, as a Garden Rooms Business Owner, ensure that your website stands out amongst the crowd, and most importantly, generates leads? 

By now we’ve established your company needs an about us section-that’s your way to introduce your company, establish credibility and build trust. But what else?


Garden rooms can be used for just about anything- a gym, home office, entertainment space, a craft room, dining room for when guests come over, a guest house, or all of the above! For this reason, it’s important to have a solutions section on your website so that site visitors can see the endless possibilities that a garden room creates and let their imaginations run wild. Allow them to get a glimpse of what their life could be like with your solution.

Pricing and Designs

Following on from the above point, you’ll want to have a pricing and designs page specific to your business. Garden rooms are a big investment and people will want to know what they are getting for the price, so break it down for them. This doesn’t have to be an exact price (let’s face it, the price of everything keeps changing almost daily and you don’t want to be updating your site every day).

However, a ballpark figure gives people an idea whether it is something they have budgeted for - no one wants to deal with tyre kickers, and no one wants to be embarrassed that they vastly underestimated the cost of your product. A good idea is to give a price range (£10,000-£14,000) or a starting from price (From £23,000). 


Garden Rooms are a relatively new thing to most people and the variety of finishes, extras and standards are endless so people will have questions. Putting an FAQs section on your website means they don’t have to leave your site to get answers. The majority of people that leave your site won’t come back so it’s important to provide as much information on there as you can! Too much information is better than not enough. A good idea is to collate the questions people email or phone with and keep updating these on your website.


It’s all well and good telling people what you offer and why your company is the best but in the case of garden rooms, a picture really is worth a thousand words (and videos are worth even more!) Pictures and videos allow you to showcase the quality of your craftsmanship while allowing the site visitor to truly envision what their garden room will look like. In most cases, it’s exactly this kind of media that will convert them from a site visitor to a potential customer. 


You didn’t think we were going to end this blog without mentioning CTA’s did you? If you want your website to generate leads then you need to have CTAs throughout. If you’ve not been here before, CTA stands for Call To Action (a desired action you would like a visitor to take on your site). Without this, the visitor won’t know what steps to take. Most people aren’t going to purchase a garden room without speaking to someone first and getting a proper understanding of the process - even if your FAQ section is exhaustive. In the same way, you may need to see the space and take measurements to first establish what is possible. Have a ‘contact us’ or ‘enquire now’ button placed on every page of your website or in the main navigation menu to encourage your potential customers to take action!

Garden rooms provide a solution that so many people want and need, the real question is, ‘will they find your website?’ and 'are you optimising your site to convert those visitors into customers?’ If you’d like a review of your current website or a discussion around the potential, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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