Is your website over 5 years old?

 If so, the chances are it’s out-of-date.

It probably won’t be a responsive design, for example, and so won’t be optimised for tablets or mobile phones. Which is a definite disadvantage because, these days, computers and laptops are no longer the popular way to view websites.

Recent research by Google shows that 75% of users prefer a mobile-friendly website. And, of course, people can call you directly from their phone when viewing your site.

Also, an old site will be out-of-date when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – and you will be missing out on potential customers. That’s because Google and other search engines have introduced new SEO algorithms in the last few years– and so your old site won’t rank as highly as it could.

But, of course, if you like your existing website, you don’t need to ditch it. Let us redesign it instead!

We can rebuild your site from scratch, using a responsive design and the latest SEO strategies. So you can keep the general layout and most of your content – but get a modern, fresh site that meets the needs of your customers.

It’s a very cost effective way to modernise your site and, of course, we use the same friendly approach as for a new website design project. [Link]

 So contact us now to discuss the redesign of your website.