Meet John: SMK's Top-Secret Coding Ninja

March 30, 2022
by: SMK
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It’s finally time for us to introduce you to our *secret* International Coding Ninja. For obvious reasons, we can not reveal his true identity- so let’s call him John. John(?)  likes to collect anime figures and statues, and is a big fan of loose leaf tea - but that’s just about all we can tell you. He is going to tell us a bit about what he does at SMK, and what a day in his life looks like. 

 our *secret* International Coding Ninja

Hi everyone, I work for SMK as a WordPress Developer. My primary role is to build websites using WordPress as a platform converting designs to codes and also creating a sustainable website with ease of use in mind for site owners. Here’s a quick look at what a normal day in my life looks like: 


I wake up and start the day with a Tea or Coffee. This is also where I have my quiet time-the best part of my day and where I give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings he has given us!

I wake up and start the day with a Tea or Coffee

1pm - 1:30pm

I check ClickUp, SMK’s project management software of choice, for daily tasks and any other urgent matters.

check ClickUp, SMK’s project management software of choice

2pm - 4pm 

This is when I do most of my tasks for the day, and support the team if they need any guidance. 

5pm to 6pm 

Break time! I use this time to bond with my family and eat dinner (prepared by my lovely wife!)

6pm to 8pm 

Back to work! Sometimes I’ll work past 9 if things are more urgent but I enjoy working for SMK so it’s not a problem.

One of the main reasons I enjoy working for SMK is that we are focused on making sure we give our clients the best experience - from design to building the website and maintaining it. However, the main thing I love about working for SMK is that we have such a wonderful team, and Stephen is a really awesome boss (he didn’t tell me to say that, promise!)

So there you have it folks- a day in the life of an International Coding Ninja. Short and sweet - but if we told you more, we’d have to kill you!

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