Do I need a landing page?

January 5, 2022
by: SMK
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When we have our initial consultation with a newclient, we are always keen to find out what their objectives are for their new website. 

  • Do they want to generate more leads? 
  • Are they looking to sell products?
  • Is there a specific functionality they require?
  • Or maybe they just want something that looks incredible and represents them well.

Depending on what their goal is and how they plan to drive traffic to their website, we might recommend building a landing page. 

For some clients, this is something that they may return to after the site has gone live and is established and they have decided to run a paid advertising campaign where they have a specific outcome they want to direct people to.

Landing pages are dedicated pages on a website that visitors land on directly from a paid ad or email campaign, often for something that is highly targeted and focused on achieving a specific outcome. They are different to your website homepage although may contain similar elements.

The copy, flow and composition of the page are designed to connect with a user and persuade them to action - buy, sign up, book in etc.

They allow you to be ‘salesy’ without it being the main message on your site. 

So what makes a great landing page?

  1. A clear offer: something to inspire, entice or encourage the visitor to take action. A strong headline with accompanying strapline to get attention, engage with the visitor and intrigue them using persuasive copy.
  1. Benefits of the offer: it’s not about what it does, it’s about what it does for you - think benefits over features! Use language that conveys feelings and results.
  1. Social proof: the power of a testimonial, photos of results or a video of someone’s experience - these all build trust and enable you to sell more products and services than anything else. Someone’s experience speaks volumes to your credibility and the authenticity of the service/product. 
  1. Call to Action (CTA): Save the most important to last… there should be regular CTAs throughout your landing page. These should be clear and obvious and stand out and are often situated beside supporting text. At each section, provide a way for the visitor to take action without having to scroll to find it.

Do they work?

One of the other keys to having a good landing page is the ability to track how efficient it is. Implementing a test-and-measure strategy enables you to try a specific layout and content and measure how successful it is and then tweak elements to see if you can improve your results. 

Running multiple pages as part of AB testing will allow you to test and measure in parallel and see where you are finding greatest success. 

Having analytics installed on the page in conjunction with heat map tracking can enable you to have data and then continually iterate until you have a powerful landing page that converts. 

Should I try it?

If you have a product or service you are keen to sell and are interested in running paid advertising campaigns through any of the digital channels (Google, email, Social Media), then get in touch and we can begin the conversation and find out if this might be right for you.

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