You may not have heard of a copywriter before, or maybe you have, but grouped them in with unicorns, dragons and the Loch Ness Monster under the umbrella of 'mythical creatures'. Well, copywriters are in fact real and they can be the biggest secret weapon to the success of your website, and we'll tell you why.

You're probably thinking that when it comes to writing the content for your new website you could just do it by yourself, and you're right, you could. However, in the same way as we'd encourage you to call a plumber when it starts to rain inside your living room, we'd also highly recommend you use a copywriter when getting a website built. While you're an expert in your business, they are experts in theirs which means they can write as if they're an expert in yours but in a language that your visitor will understand and be engaged by.

Here's how a copywriter can help you:

They will save you time

Good copy isn't just the text on your website. Of course, your website is vital to your marketing and sales, but your copy must be consistent across all marketing platforms and promotional materials such as brochures, newsletters, blogs and social media. Writing good, consistent copy takes time, and if you're a business owner, that's probably something you don't have much of. A copywriter can save you time and effort meaning you can have extra time to work on your business which essentially is saving you money too!

They bring an external perspective

Writing about your own business can be fun but it's likely that you'll get carried away and possibly get a bit too excited about your products and services and get caught up in the details. You may use acronyms and terms that your customers don't understand and it can sometimes be hard to position yourself in a potential client's shoes. Your visitors want to know how your products or services benefit them or fix their problems. Hiring a copywriter gives you a fresh perspective. They can write about your business in an enticing, persuasive way without using confusing jargon and can help you sell without sounding 'salesy'.

Fresh Content

While you may think it's easier and quicker to use the same content from your old website, or have a lot of repetition between pages, it doesn't look great to visitors and Google doesn't like duplicate content either. A good copywriter will ensure that your website has quality content that is both engaging and Google-friendly.


Copy (the written part of your website) is what ensures that your new website gets found by your ideal customers on search engines. Great professional copywriters will also be knowledgeable about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and will be able to write for both your customers and search engines, thus helping your website rank well and get more traffic.


You'll get Return on Investment

Additional costs are probably one of the reasons why you haven't decided to use a copywriter before. Good copywriting is an investment which helps to:

Copywriting isn't a 5 minute job, and an experienced copywriter will command a professional fee, but it's an investment you're likely to reap in the long run.

A good copywriter will ask you questions to find out more about the products or services that you offer, they will check out your current marketing materials, they will research you and your competitors, and they will draw on their experience as a writer and as a consumer and ultimately make you look amazing to your website visitors!

Donald Trump once said “Nobody gets hacked unless it's by someone with an IQ of 197 and already has 'about 15%' of the victim’s password”... Unfortunately, this is FAKE NEWS.


One of the most common ways that hackers break into computers is by guessing passwords.Your passwords should be long, complex and contain a combination of at least 10 characters or be a ‘passphrase’, rather than a password. Hands up if your password is “password”? Or your birthday, or your pet’s name? (actually maybe better not to admit to these things, as you never know who’s watching!)


However, one of the most important things to consider when it comes to passwords is how you store them and, NO, the answer is not at the back of a notebook that permanently sits beside your computer. This is where password managers come in. Password managers are a secure, automated, all-digital replacement for that notebook. What they do is generate strong new passwords when you create an account, or change a password, and they store all of these passwords (and more) in one place, protecting them with a single strong master password. If you remember the master password, your password manager will remember everything else, auto-filling your username and password for you whenever you log in to a site or app on your phone or on your computer. 



Some Solutions!

There are a number of password managers out there to help, and we’ve picked out 3 of the best. 


1Password is possibly the most popular password manager out there. Not only does it manage your passwords but it also alerts you when a password is weak or compromised, and is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Chrome. One of its best features is the Travel Mode. Travel Mode allows you to delete any sensitive data from your devices before you travel, and then restore it with a click after you’ve crossed the border. On top of this it also has a categories feature meaning you can keep your passwords organised. However, there is no free version of 1Password and it works out at about £26 a year. 



While 1Password is the most popular password manager, Dashlane has recently added a number of features that makes it stand out against its competitors. Unlike 1Password, it gives you the option to not store any passwords on Dashlane’s servers. It also includes a Site Breach Alert feature whereby it will actively monitor the dark corners of the web, looking for leaked or stolen personal data, and then alerts you if your information has been compromised. On top of this, Dashlane will analyse your password strengths and auto-save all your online receipts while also giving you the option to update your passwords with a single click. However, while Dashlane does come for free, there are certain features that you can only get on the premium version which costs about £2.50 a month. These features include the option to sync between apps and a free VPN. Dashlane isn’t ideal for pages with multiple logins and has limited cloud storage options. 



Nordpass is a relatively new addition to the password manager club. It is easy to set up, and is compatible with many platforms. Recently, Nordpass have introduced a personal information storage feature to keep your address, phone number and other personal data safe and secure, but also easy to access. Nordpass uses a zero-knowledge setup in which all data is encrypted on your device before it’s uploaded to the company’s servers. Other pros include two-factor authentication and a built-in password generator. However, like Dashlane, the free version has limitations. It is limited to one device and there are limited options for organising saved credentials. It also doesn’t offer team or enterprise plans. 



In Conclusion

To conclude, using a password manager will not only save you trying to remember dozens of different logins, but can also help you keep them secure by generating hard-to-guess passwords and storing them in an encrypted vault. Growing online security concerns mean that password managers are an essential tool for protecting yourself online!


Like many things in life, websites have a ‘best before’ date. This doesn’t mean your website will no longer work, but with advances in technology, changes in your requirements and updates to search algorithms, how your website performs and its ability to achieve the objective it was designed for could be negatively impacted. 

Businesses are always changing and your website should reflect this - it is therefore useful to view your website as a work in progress - something that can should adapt to your business. Regularly reviewing your website's design and functionality will help to ensure you it is performing optimally.


Website Review

To help achieve this, we are offering you a free website review. This consists of a brief video review of your website that will cover how it is performing and what changes it could benefit from. 



Your website review we will look at 5 key areas:



Please click here to receive your free review.


Congratulations, you’ve gone and got yourself a beautiful, shiny, new website from the wonderful team at SMK Creations! 

But now your business has pivoted and grown and you’d like to make some changes to the layout, add some new features or insert some more pages into your website… do not fear - we’ve got your back!



To make this process as streamlined as possible, we have 3 awesome support packages that you can choose from, each offering 4 hours of expert support from our wonderful team. 

Deciding on which one is right for you will depend on the urgency of your requirements, as well as the budget you have available. 

The packages are as follows:

Bronze - This is our most popular package and is what 90% of our clients use. In this package you will receive 4 hours of support, which will be started within 7 days of purchase. If you are looking to update, improve or make a change to your website but aren’t in an immediate rush, then this package is the one for you. At £200, it is our cheapest package, but the quality of website support will be just as good. 

Silver - Our middle package costs £800. With this package, you will also receive up to 4 hours of support with delivery beginning within 48 hours. If you have something you need done within the next few days and time is of the essence and are willing to pay a little extra for this expedited service - this is probably the best package for you.

Gold - This is our top of the range package (it used to be called our ‘drop everything and prepare to get divorced package’ although the name wasn’t catchy enough). 

It also provides you with 4 hours of support with the benefit of commencing work within a 24 hour period. If what you need to achieve is really urgent and you are happy to pay to skip the queue - then this is the package for you.

These packages are for updates, improvements or changes to your website. If your site is hosted with us and there is a problem with it, we will treat this with urgency as always and won’t be part of your support package. Tech support issues are included in your original hosting package, whereas updates and changes are not. You do not need to use your full 4 hours in go and will be rolled over for future work if not fully used. 

Once you have purchased your package of choice, you can email with your requirements and take advantage of our ticketing system. 

Click here to learn more about our support packages today!


You maybe didn’t know it but the team at SMK has been expanding rapidly over the last 2 years, now employing 5 members of staff globally - I know, look at us- world domination here we come!


Our newest recruit, Emma, started working with us at the beginning of September, so we thought it was about time we grilled her and gave you the opportunity to get to know her a little bit better and put a face to the name... and of course find out all her weird and wonderfully embarrassing secrets!



1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m Emma, I recently started here at SMK Creations. I’m a Spanish-culture enthusiast (I lived there for 3 years while studying) and my background is in marketing & sales. 

2. How have your first few weeks at SMK been?

They’ve been great – the time has flown in. I’ve been working closely with Stephen, who is a great boss and mentor to learn from. I’m enjoying being involved in more projects and meeting more clients. 

3. What were you doing before SMK?

Before SMK, I was the all-around marketing, admin and operations department of OHO… Thai Food To Go, a new fast food delivery start-up based in NI. 

4. What made you want to work for SMK?

I was excited by both the scope and variability of the role, not to mention how the web design industry has been experiencing fantastic growth year-on-year. 

5. What kind of things do you like to do in your spare time?

Socialising with my nearest & dearest, reading & Paint By Numbers (yes, I’m one of those people). 


6. Did you learn any new skills over lockdown?

Hula-hooping (I can keep it up for over 30 minutes!) and, of course, I mastered my banana bread recipe.


7. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Watching terrible movies that are so bad they’re actually good. The Room has to be one of my favourites.


8. If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The Sound Of Music – which I watch every Christmas with my mother. 


9. What is one fact about you that most people don’t know?

I once worked as a Beer Pong Referee (yes, really…) back in my student days in sunny Spain.

10. If a movie was made about your life, who would you get to play you in it?

Rebel Wilson, because she’s just amazing in every way. 


If you haven't already, you'll no doubt be hearing from Emma over the coming weeks and months and we are excited about her role in our fast growing team and getting a chance to taste some of that yummy banana bread she has mastered!

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