How to make a great website even better

We can design a great website for you, but to get the most from it – you need great content too.

That’s because the words on your website matter.

You don’t just want people to be impressed by your site, you want them to read what you do. To understand quickly what you’re offering and what makes it special. To recognise the benefits to them – and then to take action.

Take action to contact you, make a booking or whatever.

So how do you get people to read your site?

Basically you have to attract their attention and then hold their interest while you explain what you can do for them. The benefits you can give them.

There’s a definite knack to it. There are lots of pitfalls that move people away and lots of techniques that keep them reading. A concise writing style helps, with simple words and short paragraphs.

Furthermore, good content will help your search engine rankings. Here’s what Google recommend in their SEO Starter Guide:

  • Write easy-to-read text
  • Stay organised around the topic
  • Create fresh, unique content
  • Create content primarily for your users, not search engines

So your content matters.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with David Bain of Write On Target – a local copywriter who writes content for websites. He’s got 25 years’ experience of writing words that explain, influence and persuade.

Clients say he’s good with words and easy to work with.

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